i can't really say what i wish and expect
what i want or what i am ought to do
i don't have a the slightest idea
about myself in general, i guess
and everytime i cross the street
i talk to myself
i talk to the traffic
hit me, hit me
i wanna live, you see
i want to dance and love
run wild, be free
i want to taste heaven
i want to drink hell
but even to feel
seems to be so hard to me
with a heart in smoke and dust
and a soul that's barely breathing
i've never been in love
when i'm comin', they are leaving

the good always go
the pain stays with me
how can i start
when the end's always here


Lori hat gesagt…

Pass auf dich auf, liebe!

Leonie hat gesagt…

hier ist mal wieder ein kleines Mutmachherzchen: ♥

Ich hab dich lieb, vergiss das nie.