Ballad for the young

My child I know you're not a child
but I still see you running wild
between those blooming tress
your sparkling dreams, your silver laugh
your questions for the stars above
are just my memories
       and in your eyes the ocean
       and in your eyes the sea
       the waters frozen over
       with your longing to be free

you had to kill this child, I know
to break the arrow and the bow
to shed your skin and change
the trees are flowering no more
there's blood upon the marble floor
this place is dark and strange
       I see you standing in the storm
       holding the curse of youth
       each of you with your story
       each of you with your truth

I didn't say the world was good
I hope by now you understood
why I could never lie
I didn't promise you a thing
don't ask my wintervoice for spring
just spread your wings and fly
       though in the hidden garden
       down by the green, green lane   
       the plant of love grows next to
       the tree of hate and pain

       So take my tears as a token
       they'll keep you warm in the cold
       this is the age you are broken
       or turned into gold

You've lived too long among us
to leave without a trace
you're lived too short to understand
a thing about this place

       some of you just sit there smokin'
       and some are already sold
       this is the age you are broken
       or turned into gold
       this is the age you are broken
       or turned into gold

-aus "Der Märchenerzähler" von Antonia Michaelis-

Verzeiht mir wegen der unschönen Stimme, der schlechten Betonung und dem merkwürdigen Rauschen, ja? Bitte.
p.s.: Jil, falls du dies liest: Tausend Dank nochmal, dass du mir das Buch ausgeliehen hast. Ich liebe dich.


Scarlett. hat gesagt…


Vanessa hat gesagt…

du bist soo lieb zu mir!<3

N.† hat gesagt…

ich werde mir das lied
immer und immer wieder anhören
bis ich ihren worten glaube.

N.† hat gesagt…

ja, ich habe noch schülervz.

das bin ich.
du kannst mich gern das fragen, was du willst.