'write. write until it stop hurting.'
but what
is it?
what is it?
how can i make something stop,
if i don't even know what it is?
i cannot see it,
it's untouchable,
it does not smell or 
make a sound
but - i can feel it,
right under my skin
and all over me
and i can hear it breathing,
i can hear it screaming
inside of me
i smell its sweat
i smell the sweet bitterness
i can even taste it
so heavy, so spicy, so numbing
and i can see it through my tears
i can see it in the light and
in the shadows
darker than black
it feels colder than ice
and burns my senses
until i am numb
and don't
notice anything
it makes me cry for no reason
i realize
it made me
in diesem raum, der nicht zu haus ist, bin ich glücklich,
doch das chaos in mir drin bleibt, egal, wo ich bin, und
dort muss ich aufräumen,um mich herum und in mir vor
ordnung schaffen,verstehen und aussortieren,winterputz

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Leonie hat gesagt…

hey, alles wird schöner. ganz sicher, du süßer süßer mensch.