i've been dreaming a lot recently
for i was sleeping much 
and in the time i was awake
my thoughts more were like pictures in clouds
than clear words and sentences
i've seen myself in different appearances
in one scene of a dream of mine
my hair was pink again, my skin was pale
the white dress i wore made that shiny person complete
i looked like some unreal, mysterious creature
and what i said sounded like a melody, like a lullaby,
shimmering, glittery
nobody would have woundered if i flew away
carried by sparkling wings made of fairy dust
when i am dreaming, i mostly see myself in all the lovely ways
when i am daydreaming, i see myself in dark, destructive words
In my sleep, i see what i wish to be
and even if surreal and sometimes cruel things happen there,
i love this weirdness and wish it to be true once i wake up
realizing it was a dream

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